Meet the Artists

Mackenzie Roth

Mackenzie Roth is a Calgary-based glass artist currently completing her 4th year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts in glass at the Alberta University of the Arts with a minor in Jewelry and Metals. She uses both of these medias to create an atmosphere of feeling in her work where intrigue and repulsion contest for dominance.  Her work explores a void, both physical and psychological where we are faced with the unknowns that exist in the spaces where we cannot – whether microscopic, historic, or within areas of our planet that are uninhabitable by humans. Mackenzie wishes to create an environment – an experience – where viewers are to face the “world without us” and explore it and its oddities. It is this way that she wishes to allow viewers entry into the void. Her work to create a sense of wonder and simultaneous unease that captivates and mystifies.

Leia Guo

Leia is a passionate multidisciplinary artist currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass and Bachelor of Design in Photography at the Alberta University of the Arts. She has lived in Calgary, AB for most of her life and can often be found driving around the foothills when she’s not in the studio. Both her glass and photographic work draw inspiration from natural landscape of Southern Alberta and explore how a community is brought together by their shared experience of the place they live in. Along with traditional glassblowing, Leia also works with stained glass and experiments with glass in the analogue photo printing process.

Charlotte Poulsom

Charlotte Poulsom is a twenty-three-year-old visual artist based in Calgary, specializing in glass work. Having lived with Type 1 Diabetes since age nine, her work employs glass blowing, sculpting, and engraving techniques alongside audio, visual and mixed-media components to provide an intimate look into the experiences of an individual living with a chronic illness. Graduating in 2021 from Alberta University of the Arts, Charlotte continues to develop her artistic practice and engage with local and international arts communities, set to present at the GAAC Conference in Whitehorse, Yukon and attend workshops in Washington State and Maine, USA in the coming year. In continuing working with glass in many forms, Charlotte has expanded into lampworking to create custom and curated wearable glass pieces. Employing simple shapes, the pieces aim to showcase the material and the interactions between different coloured glasses to evoke a variety of landscapes and seasons.  

Instagram: @glass_cat_keith

Keith Urban

(The cuter one)

Keith Urban the Bombay cat is Silica and Soda’s resident studio manager. He loves canned chicken, climbing trees, and overseeing the collaborative studio space with a watchful (if not sleepy) eye. Keith was adopted from the Cochrane Humane Society in 2019 and has since been a well-loved member of the studio. His specialties include excellent pest control, meowing at daybreak, and being a first-rate glass design consultant. Like his namesake, Keith is incredibly outgoing, passionate, and talented (especially about chasing birds). He takes his job as studio manager very seriously and will always greet visitors at the door. Come visit today to give this very good boy the treats and scritches he deserves!